Katonah Fire Department Social Media Republishing Guidelines

The Katonah Fire Department (KFD) posts articles, photos, and graphics on its website and social media pages relating to the community and KFD. You are welcome to republish KFDs content for free, provided you adhere to the following guidelines.

1.  If you republish KFDs articles or photos online or in print, you must visibly credit KFD and the author and/or photographer, ideally in this format: "Story by Dean Pappas, Katonah Fire Department" and/or Photo by Gabe Palacio, Katonah Fire Department.


2.  If you republish online, you must provide a link to either the article's persistent link (the URL at which you accessed the article or photo) or KFDs home page (www.katonahfd.org).


3.  You may not edit KFDs material, except to make minor changes to adhere to your publications preferred style. If you wish to make material edits, you first need to seek approval from KFD prior to republication.


4.  If you share KFDs content on social media, please mention @katonahfd (Instagram) and @KatonahFireDeparment (Facebook).


5.  You may not sell KFDs content or sell ads against those materials. However, you may republish KFDs materials on a page with ads.


6.  No endorsement from KFD is implied when its content is reposted on other sites or included in other publications. There is no compensation for reposting KFDs content.


7.  If KFD sends you a request to change or remove KFD content from your site, you must do so immediately.

For questions regarding the Katonah Fire Departments guidelines or posted content, please contact info@katonahfd.org.